Canine Arthritis And Joint - Holistic Remedies
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Here we focus on holistic and natural alternatives on helping your dog get back on all fours and get back to healthy and happy pain free living. So get ready to make some changes (yes it requires a little work) to help your awesome dog get back to being a puppy again. ​We have seen it happen many times after vets have sent pet parents home with meds and no further help for your dog or possibly needing surgery that you can't afford. We make miracles happen with you doing the work and following our recommendations. Open your mind and be ready to accept and plan on making big changes. Results will follow...
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Hydroxychloroquine Fans
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HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE FANS This group is clearly about more than an old and well-established drug. It's also about the freedom to choose and the struggle against the liberal MSM who tries to control what you're allowed to see and what you're allowed to discuss. So, lets discuss hydroxychloroquine and related medicines, but let's also discuss our freedoms and let's get the USA REOPENED! WE NO LONGER HAVE TO BE AFRAID OF WHAT WE DISCUSS - WE'RE ON A FREE SPEECH PLATFORM NOW!  Do not take anything posted here as anything other than discussion. Always seek out competent medical professionals before starting any drug therapy regimen.