Tom G Glass
on January 24, 2021
Looks like establishment medicine is coming around to realize that the h-word really IS something to recommend in the treatment of COVID-19.
Here is the article in the American Journal of Medicine.
I have to tell you that I am incredibly bitter about what has happened in regards to hydroxychloroquine and to the heroic front line doctors who saved lives by using it.
I will link in the comments below an article I wrote in August, 2020 when I snapped to the fact that a Big Pharma cabal aligned with tyrants who desperately need to run our lives to squelch life-saving information about how to save lives.
The suppression and persecution of heroic, life-saving doctors in order to earn big profits for vaccine manufacturers and to gain control of the federal government has sickened me in a way that few things in my life have.
Note that the day in late July that I shared a video of Frontline Doctors talking about what is now recommended by the AJM, my Texas Constitutional Enforcement group on Facebook was summarily disappeared without explanation. Fortunately, it was restored about 18 hours later. But the message from FB was clear: "Don't you dare try to get information out about how real doctors are saving people's lives during COVID-19."
Now, that the vaccine profits have been made and the power has been grabbed, the establishment deigns to tell us how we can cheaply and effectively save lives from COVID-19.
Thanks to Steve Blu for the link that led me to the AJM article.
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