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The "Complete Guide To Natural Health and Homemade Diet For Dogs" consists of detailed information not found anywhere else. It helps you learn how and what you need to start your dog on a homemade diet in simple terms and using a menu to work from and how to balance the diet. How to handle allergic reactions, preventing/treating arthritis from the age of 6 months till the end of life years, Cancer, vaccines, heartworm, herbs, homemade remedies, reducing toxin exposure, switching to safe household and lawn chemicals, natural flea and tick prevention, treating heart disease with home remedies, Heartworm, anxieties/fears, pet loss, shelter dogs, leaky gut, acid reflux and learning to keep your dog safe from the world we live in. http://bit.ly/CompleteBook
We also have other books and courses: http://bit.ly/BooksCourses
Dimension: 1200 x 680
File Size: 595.9 Kb
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