Tom G Glass
on February 24, 2021
Representative Tan Parker has introduced HJR 100, the Right to Use Cash and Cash Substitutes!
Allowing Texans to protect the wealth they have worked a lifetime to produce in the form they think best and to avoid a collapse of the dollar is an essential part of keeping Texas strong and free from federal intervention.
Protecting the financial privacy rights of Texans can save us from the most potent tool of the police state, the ability to see every transaction we make.
Start contacting your state reps to ask them to co-author HJR 100. It requires two thirds support in both the House and the Senate, but the good news is that this initiative - because Texans are united across the political spectrum in their loathing for non-Texan, centralized financial elites - is likely to get the support it needs for a vote of the people.
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