Tom G Glass
on March 13, 2021
Most of you know that in retirement, my main focus is working to see Texas legislation passed that increases the liberty of Texans. This is my fourth legislative session after retirement to focus almost full time on working to get bills introduced and the working for their passage in Austin at the Capitol.
A guiding maxim for me in this endeavor is, “If you don’t ask for what you want, you are unlikely to get it.” And in the asking you find out information from the responses that guides appropriate action during primary and general election time.
Each session, I start out with a Legislative Wish List that I use to shop bills with legislators. Yesterday, March 12 was the deadline for bill filings in the Texas Legislature, so I figured I would give you a report on how I did with my wish list.
I have 5 bills filed out of the 8 I was actively working. That is not quite accurate because I am working on some appropriations for grid security which I plan to work via the amendment process instead of a bill process.
One other thing to know is that along the way, I was told that I needed groups to effectively push for legislation, so I created them. My main groups are Texas Constitutional Enforcement, Protect the Texas Grid, Lone Star FIJA – Jury Nullification in Texas, Right to Use Cash, Texas Election Integrity, and Texas Legislative Priorities. I use the Texas Legislative Priorities group primarily to keep up with and push on legislation I care about that I do not lead on. All of those are on Facebook. So far, I have only duplicated Texas Constitutional Enforcement on Blabbook.
The bills which I pretty much wrote and am responsible for getting introduced are::
Texas Sovereignty Act – HB 1215 – by Rep. Cecil Bell -- Creates streamlined processes to unify Texans to stop the feds when they violate the Constitution here. (Supported by Texas Constitutional Enforcement) - To learn more:
Right to Use Cash and Cash Substitutes – HJR 100 – by Rep. Tan Parker – Adds explicit protection for the natural right to hold and exchange the media of exchange of your choice such as gold, silver, digital currency, cash, etc. to Texas Bill of Rights (Supported by Texas Constitutional Enforcement and Right to Use Cash) - To learn more:
Real Homestead Exemption – HJR 43 – by Rep. Terry Wilson – Amends Texas Constitution to prevent your homestead from being seized for non-payment of property taxes while you own it. (I don’t have a group that supports this one.)
Jury Nullification Bill – HB 2915 – by Rep. Mike Schofield – Allows criminal defendants or their counsel to inform the jury of their power to judge the law as well as the facts without contradiction by the prosecution or judge and removes the automatic strike of prospective jurors just because the oppose the law - To learn more:
Rule of Law Enforcement Bill – HB 2916 – by Rep. Mike Schofield – Gives independent prosecutorial authority over criminal acts of import to the entire state and to stopping local corruption such as official misconduct, official oppression, sedition, and riot.
The bill that I most regret not finding a sponsor for was the addition of the natural, unalienable right to refuse vaccination to the Texas Bill of Rights.
I also failed to find sponsors for my Don’t Mess With Texas Elections Bill that would have stopped non-Texans from contributing to Texas state and local elections. And I failed to find a sponsor for my Don’t Demonize Texans Bill that would have beefed up Texas prohibitions from federal law enforcement targeting Texans for scrutiny and prosecution purely for holding political views supporting the Constitutions or liberty.
Of course, via my Protect the Texas Grid group, I am working to support bills and authorizations that will harden our electrical grid against all hazards, including EMP, solar flares, cyber attacks, directed energy attacks, and physical attack.
And, I am trying to keep up with and have input on executive overreach legislation and election integrity.
The Clint Eastwood character, Dirty Harry, in Magnum Force said, “A man’s GOT to know his limitations.” Clearly I don’t.
But Texas and liberty is under an all-out assault at the moment. And I think that our Texas Legislature is our first line of defense. We have a state and liberty to save! And there is a LOT to do in a very short time.
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